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No matter how you slice it, Microsoft is losing the latest round in its video game console war with Sony.Both the Microsoft Xbox One and the Sony Play Station 4 launched in the November of 2013.So far, so good, with Office 365 booking big numbers.Now, it's the Xbox's turn to make that same exact jump. But the potential opportunity here for Microsoft is, for lack of a better term, game-changing.Silver subscribers can buy games, movies, and TV shows from the Xbox's digital store.But subscribing at the Gold level gets you some crucial perks, including the ability to play multiplayer games online and a handful of "free" games every month.

And with products like Microsoft One Drive cloud storage, your work and documents can follow you between devices.

Microsoft's new 'Slack competitor' has improved dramatically since the preview, and new features are arriving regularly.

Where it shines is threaded chat, easy video meetings and superb integration with other Office 365 tools.

Microsoft's Azure Data Lake is now generally available, but what does it do, and how does it work?

Here's a tour around the service's tooling and capabilities, to help you understand it and get productive with it, quickly. Microsoft is among the most prolific developers of apps for the Android platform.