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Then a naturist group near Bristol is looking for new members and is holding an open day next month for people who want to let it all hang out in the open air to find out more.

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Vancouver island's bling bling factor is very low and people are very low key here.

Its not about the cars you drive really ...where in Edmonton it is all about what you have I get quite a few messages from women who live in Victoria.

In the 20-40 demographic there are about 1.1-1.3 females to males in Victoria (circa 2001?

), then it evens out until 70 where females again outnumber males.

Number 2 -- Victoria is a small town city ...cheating here would be like swimming naked in a fishbowl ^^^ You're not supposed to tell people we don't have that much rain and it's not that expensive to live here - otherwise we'll be flooded with - ugh- Vancouverites The reason it seems as though there are so few men in Victoria is that they are a breed of scaredy cats - they hide in their homes and don't come out to events where they might have to talk to people.^^ Exactly.

So it seems, rumor has it You probably can find an abundance of men at, poker events, pool leagues, any sporting event play-off(Superbowl coming up), UFC night, and/ or their all out golfing or Not that there is anything wrong with that!!! I moved here 2 years ago from Edmonton Alberta and I can pretty much put to bed 3 myths of Victoria MYTH #1 there are more men than women and it is slim pickings for women TRUTH --- While I cannot quote a census , I can tell you that there are plenty of men here alive and kicking in my age group and up and down by 10 years.

I will give you that men are very, very different here ( the ones raised here ) in what they look for in women and it is not rare at all to find men in their 40's who have never married nor have children.

This is unheard of pretty much in the province I moved from.

Also every second person I talk to is from Alberta or Ontario and moved here in the past 5 years.