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In a cubic foot of air, those things happen all the time." When you design distributed systems, you have to say, "Failure happens all the time." So when you design, you design for failure. The other is the message never got to you because the network broke before it arrived.

So if I never receive a response, how do I know which of those two results happened?

Here is a "cascading" definition of a distributed system: is an application that executes a collection of protocols to coordinate the actions of multiple processes on a network, such that all components cooperate together to perform a single or small set of related tasks. There are lots of advantages including the ability to connect remote users with remote resources in an open and scalable way.

When we say open, we mean each component is continually open to interaction with other components.

This issue is discussed in the following excerpt of an interview with Ken Arnold.

Ken is a research scientist at Sun and is one of the original architects of Jini, and was a member of the architectural team that designed CORBA.

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[2] Handling failures is an important theme in distributed systems design.Topology: The different configurations that can be adopted in building networks, such as a ring, bus, star or meshed.Homogeneous network: A network running a single network protocol.These are so well-known in this field that they are commonly referred to as the "8 Fallacies".Latency: the time between initiating a request for data and the beginning of the actual data transfer.I cannot determine that without eventually finding you.