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Updating samsung bd p1600 blu ray player

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I even threw them on a ,000 HDMI analyzer to verify their image quality.

I know what makes a difference in a Blu-ray player and what you can ignore.

Our most recent tests have focused on 4K Blu-Ray players, and we think anyone looking to upgrade their home theater setup should look into our recommendations for higher resolution players as well.

If 3D playback is important to you, the Sony BDP-S5500 adds the capability and is usually a little more expensive.

I subjected them to countless objective and subjective tests, and I worked to develop advanced test patterns to better measure performance.Since most companies have stopped making players, it was easy to review the main models from the companies that still do: LG, Sony, and Samsung.Some other companies like Panasonic and Pioneer are making players, but their models were eliminated for reasons discussed below. As mentioned earlier, Blu-ray players receive firmware updates to let them play the most recent movies.This year and last I’ve tested a dozen players for The Wirecutter using the same intensive methods.If you already have a Blu-ray player that works fine, you don’t need to upgrade.They almost all have the same progression in features as you go up in price. The level above adds Wi-Fi, then 3D, and then you get 4K upconversion.