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When the contract with SM Entertainment expired in July 2003, all six members signed with Good Entertainment as a group.

Shinhwa is also the first K-pop idol to lead a successful career after leaving its original agency. "천일유혼" ("Sharing Forever") charted well but was not as successful as the previous two. and were involved in controversy when a tragic water accident occurred, and "Eusha! , which was about a fun trip at the beach, was used as a reminder of the accident. The album was as successful as Shinhwa's previous two albums, selling approximately 423,873 copies.

However, they had to go to court to retain the use of their name, which they won and duly moved from SM Entertainment to Good Entertainment.

Because the contract with Good Entertainment did not begin until 2004, Shinhwa members pursued solo activities in 2003.

SM Entertainment scouts also discovered Lee Min-woo at a student dance competition in which he won the 1st place and Kim Dong-wan on the street. The six-member group was named Shinhwa and had their first performance on March 24, 1998, singing "해결사" ("Resolver") on KM Music Tank. The album spent approximately 24 weeks on the charts.

Kim Dong-wan was initially interested in acting but joined the band after seeing a preview video of the existing members. Before the release of their first album, Eric and Andy were first introduced in 1997 as rappers in fellow SM-managed group S. Their debut album, which included "해결사" ("Resolver"), "으쌰! With the success of Only One, Shinhwa won three awards that year: the SBS Gayo "Popularity Award", the KMTV song "Bonsang Award", and the "Popular Singers Award".

On January 13 and January 14 of that year, Shinhwa held one their first concerts ever, entitled First Mythology. , was released on June 8, 2001, debuting at #3 with the lead single "Hey, Come On! The album's release coincided with the rise of the Korean Wave, spreading the group's popularity overseas.

The album was a strong seller and managed to sell 430,706 copies.

On August 25, 2003, Shinhwa experienced one of its first international breakthroughs in Asia when Perfect Man was ranked #10 on the Singapore-Mandarin chart.

Ever since Shinhwa left SM Entertainment, the group had fought a long legal battle that also involved Joon Media to win the trademark rights for the band name "Shinhwa." At the height of the battle in September 2014, the band had to rename the agency Shinhwa Company as Shin Com Entertainment SM Entertainment recruited Shin Hye-Sung through auditions in Los Angeles, California. because of his parent's objections based on his young age. However, they were accused of being another copy of H. It debuted at number one and was the band's first number one album.

The company grouped him with Andy Lee, who was not able to join the agency's previous boy band H. Not long after, Eric Mun joined the group upon returning to Korea after his years in high school in California. "), and "천일유혼" ("Sharing Forever"), was released in following May. It contained three successful singles: "Only One", "All Your Dreams", and "First Love".

) is a South Korean six-member boy band based in Seoul, composed of Eric Mun, Lee Min-woo, Kim Dong-wan, Shin Hye-sung, Jun Jin, and Andy Lee. In 2011, when most of the members finished their servies, they established Shinhwa Company to facilitate their group career alongside their individual careers. It garnered considerable success with its title song. P, Shinhwa began to move away from their "cute" image to an edgier image concept.

Launched by SM Entertainment on 24 March 1998 and now managed by Shinhwa Company, the group is the longest-running boy band in the history of K-pop and one of the pioneers of the K-pop idol culture. The group was one of the early successes of SM Entertainment along with H. In March 2012, Shinhwa released their tenth album The Return and started a concert tour to become the first Korean boy band to last after the members' mandatory military services. "), is a light-hearted track where they adopted a cute image to match the concept of the song, complete with outfit in white and blue colors. The album debuted at #4 and peaked at #3, selling 377,500 copies and charting for 24 weeks on the Korean monthly chart. Riding on the success of their second album, the group received the "1998's Best Music Video from a new male pop group" award from M. Shinhwa's third album, Only One, was released on May 27, 2000.