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My stories will revolve around the Yami/Yugi pairing, the Atemu/Heba pairing, and the Atemu/Yami/Yugi pairing. Those will be the three pairings all my stories revolve around for the most part. All other pairings are minor pairings that don't get as much attention in any way.

Things to expect in my stories:1) Yaoi(Boyxboy romance)2) Lemons(sex scenes)3)Male pregnancy4) Except for a few stories, I don't do much Tea/Anzu bashing.

If you e-mail me questions or something, I will e-mail you back as soon as I can.

This is an e-mail that I have set up solely for this site and I check it several times a day unless I'm gone on vacation or something.

1/14/2014: Sorry that I've been gone for two years. being released on DVD again now, I'm starting to get my muse back. Yaoi: Yugix Yami (Atemu/Heba)- Puzzleshipping/Blindshipping(YGO)Setox Jou- Puppyshipping(YGO)Bakurax Ryou-Tendershipping(YGO)Marikx Malik-Bronzeshipping(YGO)Otogi/Dukex Honda/Tristan(YGO)Sage/Seijix Rowen/Touma(RW)Shu/Kentox Shin/Cye(RW)Just so you know, I do not hate Anzu/Tea.

I'll work on getting my four stories done, and I;ve got some new ideas, too. I kinda like her, but when I need a character to bash, I use her.

When Yami meets Yugi Mutou, a doctor, he finds himself attracted to the man after only having just met him.

ADDITION: Right now, I'm working on getting myself back in the groove of writing, so it may be a few days between updates right now.As they share a house, feelings start to develop between the two.With a little push from their family and friends, the two may just end up together.Can they save Yugi, or will they be forced to kill Yugi?Can Yugi's twin brother Heba help them with what is going on?I would like to state that my characters have nothing to do with the characters created by Princess Neferteri AKA Krysta. My characters and stories have nothing to do with the characters, stories, etc that rightfully belong to Princess Neferteri AKA Krysta.