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Director: John Maybury Collection of short films the summaries of which include; a foreign man moving to Italy, getting married and having a child; a four split scene short involving plot-less images of old ...

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The overall focus throughout the week is: I am a soul, my loved one is a soul.

The wick and the flame are also compared to the body and soul, and the strong bond between them.All other loved ones are also mourned, but the observances of shiva do not apply.Ideally all of the direct mourners sit shiva in the house of the deceased, for it says, "Where a person lived, there does his spirit continue to dwell." Thus the presence of the person who has passed away is strongest in his own home. Particularly, a home of one of the direct mourners will be filled with the spirit of the loved one who is now gone.Chairs – The people sitting shiva are required to sit low as a sign of mourning.Funeral homes often provide chairs with shortened legs for this purpose.Because people do not know, and because talking about death makes people nervous and awkward, the shiva house often turns into a festive gathering filled with nervous chatter, instead of the proper house of mourning.