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The importance of the Netherworld is no longer felt.Many other Greek themes are to be found in the published in 1992, the Egyptian influence was confirmed, although besides the negative view on the body, he also identified the depreciation of the world, the celestial voyage of the soul (or mystical initiation - cf.For him, Hermetism is the Greek version of a redaction of Egyptian literature. Let us conjecture the emergence, under the first three Ptolemies, of a Greek elitist version of the Egyptian religion, a Graeco-Egyptian religion, and this among the upper native classes (of priest, scribes, administrators & high-skilled workmen).Its form is Greek, but its contents is Egyptian (the contains extremely little Egyptian elements, except for the context, the ideas expressed being those of popular Greek thought, a mixture of Platonism, Aristotelism and Stoicism ... This Graeco-Egyptian religion would be based in Alexandria and Memphis, and (at first) entail a strong emphasis on the native component.It could define its own path precisely because of its roots in the Ancient Egyptian Mystery Tradition, to which most of its members adhered.In its mature stage, Hermetism manifested the religion of the mind ("religio mentis") of Mediterranean Antiquity.

He is represented by the hieroglyph of the Ibis on a standard (Ibis religiosa). Some proposed "he of Djehout" (an unknown city), but The religion of Ancient Egypt has been reconstructed by the Greeks (in the Hermetica), by the Abrahamic tradition (in their Scriptures) and by the Western Mystery Tradition (Hermeticism). The Hermetic teachings incorporate an un-Egyptian view on the mysteries (stressing the mind at the expense of the body).

Because of the important influence of the native intellectual milieu on the genesis of this Alexandro-Egyptian cultural form, had to refer to the Persian period ...

This feature proves to be essential in a possible thematical reconstruction.

It emerged in the priestly scribal class and had its focus on Thoth, who created the world by means of his Divine words, in accord with founding Egypt.

For the Greeks, Thoth was "Hermes, Trismegistos", indicative of both his antiquity and greatness.