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I work on my feet most days, with some relief but not much. Mauser: Generally, foot pain in the morning is a result of biomechanical problems that occur when a person walks and is very active on their feet. Mauser: This scenario is similar to the first one, that as your feet stretch out during the day, and as you walk, the fascia on the bottom of the foot can become stretched, where when you go to bed at night, you have to stretch it out all over again in the morning.

Moderator: svlarde asks: "My feet hurt first thing in the morning, or after sitting.

If I cut the edges down, it relieves the pain in my toes. It is a simple, easy, relatively painless procedure. I wear only soft leather with thick soles (or air) and thick socks. Mauser: Certainly, walking is the best exercise for anyone, and I encourage people to walk.

Moderator: imilton asks: "I need to walk to get weight off. I take no medicine of any kind, sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol is normal. First the doctors said I was too young, now I am told it is because I am old. It's a Catch-22 if you need to walk to lose weight, yet the weight is contributing to pain in your feet.

There are also topical medications that can be applied to the soles of the feet. Podiatrists deal with all sorts of problems with the feet, from orthopedic problems to skin problems, from children to adults in all aspects of health care. Moderator: Before we begin taking questions can you please tell everyone a little bit about your background and area of expertise? Mauser: I have been in private practice for the last 15 years, and am certified by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery, and a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS). A podiatrist is trained by attending a podiatry college, then doing a residency program from one to four years.rosie2000_webmd: I have problems with ingrown toenails on my big toe. There is a relatively simple surgical procedure that can be done in a podiatrist's office, which is that the side of the toenail is removed, the growth center is treated with a chemical, and this should eliminate the recurrent ingrown toenail.I've been told to cut them straight across, but when I do, they go into my toe. This can be done on any of the toes, or any of the sides of the toes, or entire nails can be removed, utilizing this procedure.Calluses on the front part of the foot are often treated by trimming them down and reducing the thickness of the skin, but the continued pressure will result in the recurrence of the callous.