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Dating nurhaliza siti what is the dating scene like in chicago

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Malaysian vocal powerhouse Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza‘s title has just been taken up a notch to Dato’ Sri instead during a formal officiation ceremony with the Sultan of Pahang, according to a series of Instagram posts.

Though the 38-year-old singer didn’t disclose the purpose of her meeting with the Chief Minister of Pahang Dato’ Sri Diraja Haji Adnan Yaakob in the first photo, fans were already speculating until she later confirmed it herself.

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If you check with Jawi, which carried out their investigations, you will know that this is true Rumor also arose two years ago, that the marriage relationship between the couple is going to end in a divorce.

and finally, she married her boyfriend on 21st August 2006.

Siti married Datuk Khalid in a lavish ceremony attended by Malaysia’s royal families & media all over Asia.

Siti Nurhaliza who is a Malaysian singer honored with many awards also had to go through a rough situation in her life.

She once got accused of causing the divorce of Datuk Khalid.