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And sure, she should be independent, but being independent doesn't mean she should always go out with her girlfriends because you can't afford to take her, and being independent certainly doesn't mean she should perpetually foot the bill for the both of you.To live comfortably, it's natural for a woman to prefer a man with money because, together, they can afford to live a better life. People always say that "money can't buy happiness" but every single woman I know wants to travel, and to the best of my knowledge, this isn't free.I have one criterion first and foremost: He has to be a nice person.As a result, my so-called casual relationships go on a lot longer than most people’s so-called committed ones.you were on the dance floor till they started to play Celine Dion.How ironic it is that when your boys ask you to go out, you're instantly energized and forget about your budget?

Fifteen years ago, I was running an ad agency, and we were asked to pitch for an online dating site.Discover our expert dating advice: Throughout your search, our Customer Care Team is here to help.You can contact us with any question big or small and we promise to get back to you quickly.We will be here until you find that perfect person for you.When you were courting your girl, you were on your best behavior. As time goes by, you find that you spend more time at home because you can't be bothered to waste money at the club...You made plans for dinner, invited her to the movies, and took her to the club. And when you looked into her eyes, glanced at her lips, inched closer... to listen to the same music and to see the same people.