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American single mothers dating

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If that passage doesn't suggest that Wylie might have had some issues, try this one, from the same printing: "[L]et us look at mom.

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"We actually expect more from mothers and kids than we did in the past, even though we also expect them to have lives outside the home," she said. Motherhood has been privatized As the concerns of mothers have shifted, so have attitudes about how to solve parenting problems, Golden said.Golden has gone to the horses' mouth to collect old parenting attitudes: She's been perusing old baby books filled out by parents since the late 1800s.Parents have always loved their babies, Golden told Live Science, but modern moms and dads are more concerned than past parents with shaping their children's futures.(Believe it or not, it wasn't until the mid- to late-1800s that scientists realized that microorganisms cause disease.) In that era, Golden said, parents welcomed the government into their families with open arms. Some of the advice is rather dated today: "The rule that parents should not play with the baby may seem hard, but it is without doubt a safe one," reads one section titled "Playing With the Baby." [9 Brainy Baby Abilities Explained] The U. Children's Bureau, established in 1912, got 125,000 letters a year from mothers seeking advice, Golden said.Much of the government advice was about boosting public health and reducing infant mortality.The increase came despite the fact that moms' time working outside the home leapt from eight hours a week on average in 1965 to 21 hours a week on average in 2011.