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For example, if the 5-year relative survival rate for a specific type of tumor is 70%, it would mean that people who have that type of tumor are, on average, about 70% as likely as people who don’t have that tumor to live for at least 5 years after being diagnosed.But remember, the 5-year relative survival rates are estimates – your outlook can vary based on a number of factors specific to you.

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We also provide information about dating abuse to service providers, counselors, teachers and members of law enforcement.

For example, a 5-year survival rate of 70% means that an estimated 70 out of 100 people who have that type of tumor are still alive 5 years after being diagnosed.

Keep in mind, however, that many of these people live much longer than 5 years.

The numbers in the table come from the Central Brain Tumor Registry of the United States (CBTRUS) and are based on people who were treated between 20.

As can be seen below, survival rates for brain and spinal cord tumors can vary widely by age, with younger people tending to have having better outlooks than older people.