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Position Summary: Reporting to the Manager, Aboriginal Resource Centre (ARC), the Aboriginal Student Support Assistant will be a first point of contact for all activity related to the Aboriginal Resource Centre (North and Lakeshore).

The incumbent is responsible for building relationships with students, staff, faculty and other visitors to the Aboriginal Resource Centre.

Correcting those wrongs is what progressives understand their mission in public life to be. A shared culture and basic material prosperity paper over a great many differences.

Conservatives, as Russell Kirk argued, value genuine variety, the organic differences that arise out of local practice, spontaneous orders, and the fact that different people are — get this — different. Civilizations — Hindu or Anglo-Protestant — are built upon that which is . People have reacted so strongly to Kaepernick not because they cannot endure the fact that a dopey celebrity has some angry and half-formed political ideas but because he disrupts that little shared ceremony of standing for the national anthem, bringing the realm of the law — politics — into the realm of manners.

Priority will be given to First Nations; Inuit and Métis applicants.

Candidates must clearly identify their eligibility to apply.

We thank all applicants for their interest in this position.

Experience working independently within a team environment, while handling multiple tasks and varied deadlines are required.The successful candidate will also possess knowledge of the issues Indigenous students face in relation to transition and retention from urban and rural environments to PSE, knowledge and respect of Indigenous teachings and culture, and a clear understanding of the historic relationship that Indigenous peoples have with Canada.Experience in working directly with Indigenous students in a community setting or post-secondary environment is considered an asset.For decades, that was enabled by a kind of religious federalism: Religious questions were to be decided mostly by the relevant religious authorities, within the framework of a very accommodating civil code. Marriage is a sacrament, but it is also a contract, a , and, in the estimate of many conservatives, the fundamental building block of a free society. They tend to welcome immigrants and travelers, to tolerate radical differences, and to accommodate many different modes of living.How long could a secular and largely liberal democracy — one with a keen interest in improving the social position of women — endure with what amounted to two different bodies of divorce law? A certain level of diversity is healthy for a polity for the same reason it is helpful to any other organization: Different people have different ideas and try different things, which is a good way of running a lot of social experiments to figure out what really works best.This often produces results that are maddening to the partisans of rationalism (rationalism in Michael Oakeshott’s sense) who want to impose their plans and efficiencies on society at large and bite their thumbs in frustration that in 2017 we’re still giving students three months off in the summer, a vestige of earlier agrarian habits. The erosion of these little shared civic ceremonies, Steyn argued, weaken civil society, and would in the end overthrow the realm of manners.