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Nel 2012 British Airways tramite IAG acquista British Midland International e annuncia la creazione di una compagnia sussidiaria basata all'Aeroporto di Londra-City che opera con Airbus A318 in configurazione esclusivamente in classe business.
If you and your partner are living common law, then you will be considered a spouse for spousal support purposes if you and your partner have cohabited for three years; or if you and your partner live in a relationship of permanence and have a child together.

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(2014) Consciousness-raising in a gender conflict group.

(2014) Queering gender: studying gender identity in the normative population.

(2010) The role of the striatum in compulsive behavior in intact and orbitofrontal cortex lesioned rats: possible involvement of the serotonergic system.

(2010) Selective impairment of prediction error signaling in human dorsolateral but not ventral striatum in Parkinson’s disease patients: evidence from a model-based f MRI study. (2009) High frequency stimulation of the nucleus accumbens core and shell reduces quinpirole-induced compulsive checking in rats.

International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 64, 83-89.

(2012) Genetic-gonadal-genitals sex (3G-sex) and the misconception of brain and gender, or, why 3G-males and 3G-females have intersex brain and intersex gender.

(2011) Activity modulation of the Globus pallidus and the Nucleus entopeduncularis affects compulsive checking in rats.

Djodari-Irani A., Klein J., Banzhaf J., Joel D., Heinz A., Harnack D., Lagemann T., Juckel G., Kupsch A., Morgenstern R., Winter C.

Here’s an intense breakdown of the murder of Kenneth Harding, put together by Jazmayne..

It’s composed of witness accounts of the aftermath to the daytime shooting.